Hey everybody.. We are pleased to anounce that we are wrapping up recording on the CD. There will be 13 tunes on this CD. The Lesson was an impromtu jam in the studio that Terry penned lyrics for on the spot. It will have 2 tracks with one sung in Portuguese. 

We have lots of guest artists including Massamba Diop from the Black Panther soundtrack, Alex Addy (Son of legendary Ghanian Drummer Obo Addy), Patrick Frost, Jose Rosa from Costa Rica, Natalie Wright from Nashville, Harry Rios from Puerto Rico, and too many more who contributed to us. 

The big public shows are Beaches Cruizin on July 26 in Portland and again on Sept 18.

Then on July 27 we are playing at Veterans Field in Long Beach WA from 1-4. This is a free show and I encourage all of you to make it as live music there is in danger of being cut.

Once the CD is on the trop-rock radio stations there is no telling where we will end up.


Cheers Y'all