We are pleased to announce our first release "Quit Your Beachin". Our CD is 11 songs strong with a mix of trop-rock, soca, reggae and much more. We had some incredible guest artists including our kids, the son of Obbo Addy (Alex), Pat Frost, Natalie Wright, and Massamba Diop the legendary tama drummer featured on the Black Panther Soundtrack. Most of our songs are original tunes with the exception of Day After Day (Shango)  and Rekepete (Unknown African High Life). Songs were written by Terry Baber, Jamie Mehan, Jason Strong, Jared England,, and Terry and Ray Pittman.

There are so many people we want to thank I wouldn't know where to begin. Our families first and foremost for allowing us to do this. To Tom Van Riper, our amazing recording engineer who somehow lassoed my crazy and somewhat kept me in check. 

We miss you Chris Korochetz and wish you weren't n Colorado. To our fans we owe you everything. It's not easy doing what we do in the Pacific Northwest.

I will fill in all the information on each song as I can. 

RIght now we are giving away 11 songs from the album for free to lift your spirits during this Covid 19 crisis. We pray for all of you to stay healthy.

I just included the Lesson. This was totally improvised in the studio and did not make the album due to time constraints. I heard them jamming, wrote the lyrics right then and made them redo it again. It was very loose as they guys were just having fun. I laid out some horn ideas on my bone and had Chris Kern play a great pan solo.  The lesson is a song about using music to save the world and is a voice the world needs to hear.



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